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Add-on DVDs

If you already have a solar-powered turntable, you may purchase one or more of the blessed and consecrated DVDs filled with magical Tibetan prayers. You can lift one prayer-filled DVD off of your solar-powered turntable and replace it with different DVD.

Chenrezi (Om Mani) DVD

Chenrezi DVD
$27.00 $16.20

14,400,000,000 Om Mani Padme Hum prayers. Brings happiness and eliminates suffering.

Medicine Buddha DVD
$27.00 $16.20

16,830,000,000 Tayata Om Bekanzé Bekanzé Mahabekanzé Radze Samud Gate Soha prayers. Clears away sickness and suffering.

Tara DVD
$27.00 $16.20

12,650,000,000 Om Tara Tuttare Ture Soha prayers. Quickly liberates us from fears, obstacles, and suffering.

Amitayus DVD
$27.00 $16.20

13,400,000,000 Om Amarana Tsibin Tiye Soha prayers. Helps us have a long life to benefit others.


Padmasambhava DVD
$27.00 $16.20

9,800,000,000 Om Ah Hum Bendza Guru Padma Siddhi Hum prayers. Blesses us, protects us, and grants us divine powers.

Manjushri DVD
$27.00 $16.20

40,000,000,000 Manjushri Prayers on one DVD. Produces the light of wisdom, dispels the darkness of ignorance, and removes defilements.


Vajrakilaya DVD
$29.00 $17.40

13,004,010,000 Vajrakilaya Prayers. Clears away obstacles, delusions, and subdues evil spirits. Only available to those who have received the Vajrakilaya Empowerment.

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