Tibet Tech Prayer Wheels
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Table-Top Prayer Wheels

Tibet Tech offers two table-top prayer wheels, one that is hand-powered, and one that is electric- powered.

  • The Traditional Table-Top prayer wheel is elegant and spins easily and quietly with a gentle turn of the hand.
  • The Electric Table-Top prayer wheel comes with the 8-DVD stack and a 1-DVD that includes 16,003,200,000 Medicine Buddha prayers to clear away sickness and suffering.
Traditional Table-Top Prayer Wheel
Traditional Table-Top Prayer Wheel
$1,269 - $1,999

84 billion to over 1.3 trillion prayers on 8 to 128 DVDs
Spin the prayer wheel clockwise to bring love and healing to yourself and others.
"Two-In-One" Electric Table-Top Prayer Wheel
$298.00 $238.00

84,348,750,000 prayers on 8 DVDs. Also runs Medicine Buddha prayers on 1-DVD.
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