Important News from Tibet Tech Prayer Wheels:

If you have been thinking of getting a Tibet Tech prayer wheel, I advise you to order soon.

I have decided to refocus my energy on my spiritual service projects at Earth Sanctuary and new sacred space environmental artworks, which are both taking up more of my time.

I will continue to sell Tibet Tech prayer wheels from the Tibet Tech website and Amazon only until the current inventory is gone.

I want to thank all the many Tibet Tech customers over the past 10 years: may you be happy and free from suffering!

Best wishes and blessings,

Chuck Pettis
Tibet Tech Prayer Wheels Founder

Tibet Tech Prayer Wheels - The Most Powerful, Useful & Innovative
Prayer Wheels in the World


Tibet Tech Prayer Wheels radiate love and healing with billions of prayers, acting as a cure to the unhappiness and suffering in your life and also as an antidote to the fear and war in the world today.

You will quickly feel the change in your home. Our customers say it best:

  • I could feel it quickly transform the atmosphere in my home.
  • You (and other people too!) can really feel the effect strongly just from using it a few minutes.
  • I can feel my bodily sensations change as I spin it.
  • The energy is so soft and sublime; thank you from the depth of my heart.
  • The Tibet Tech Prayer Wheel is one of my most precious possessions.

The Power of Prayer. Using DVD prayer storage technology, Tibet Tech Prayer Wheels with 8 DVDs contain over 84 billion prayers, making them the most powerful prayer wheels in the world. Just one spin of a Tibet Tech Prayer Wheel is equivalent to praying continuously for 2,675 years!

There is a Tibet Prayer Wheel to suit you and your budget. Please order a Tibet Tech Prayer Wheel today, not only for your own personal spiritual growth and healing, but for the benefit of all those suffering in the world today.

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