Vajrakilaya Tibet Tech 1-DVD Solar-Powered Prayer Wheel

13,004,010,000 Vajrakilaya Prayers on One DVD
Vajrakilaya clears away obstacles, delusions, and subdues evil spirits

$41.00 $24.60

Note: The Vajrakilaya Tibet Tech 1-DVD solar-powered prayer wheel is available only to those who have received the Vajrakilaya empowerment.  H.H. Jigdal Dagchen Sakya has said that to receive the Vajrakilaya prayer wheel, you must email the name of the Lama who granted you the empowerment to Chuck Pettis at  Upon receipt, you will be sent a PayPal invoice for the Vajrakilaya prayer wheel.

Tibet Tech Prayer Wheels are the most powerful, useful, and innovative Tibetan Prayer Wheels in the World. The new "modern" Tibet Tech prayer wheels are the first to use DVD optical disk storage technology.

As prayer wheels rotate clockwise, Buddhists believe that they radiate blessings for all beings. His Holiness Jigdal Dagchen Sakya is one of the most revered Tibetan Buddhist masters.  As a leader of the Sakya Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, he embodies the legacy of over 900 years of Sakya history, lineage and transmissions. He oversaw the design and construction of the prayer wheels and has blessed and consecrated all the DVDs used in Tibet Tech prayer wheels.

The Vajrakilaya Tibet Tech 1-DVD solar-powered prayer wheel includes:

  • A solar-powered turntable (black color) that rotates continuously at approximately 3 revolutions per minute.  No electricity required.
  • One blessed and consecrated DVD with 13,004,010,000 copies of the Vajrakilaya spiritual practice and the Om Vajra Kila-kilaya Sarva Bighnan Bhendha Hung Phat  prayer and a crystal finial on top.   
  • Just one rotation of the Vajrakilaya Tibet Tech 1-DVD prayer wheel is equivalent to reciting the Vajrakilaya spiritual practice and prayer continuously (at 1 prayer/second) for 412 years!

Instruction Manual

Height: 3-1/8"
Width: 4-5/8" diameter
Net Weight: 5 oz.