Sakyamuni Buddha said that turning a prayer wheel once is better than having done years of retreat, intensive spiritual practice.  He said, "Turning the Dharma wheel is better than listening, reflecting and meditating for eons." 

Amitabha Buddha said, "Anyone who recites the six syllables (Om Mani Padme Hung) while turning the Dharma wheel at the same time is equal in fortune to the Thousand Buddhas."  

Padmasambhava said, "Even those lacking perseverance in their practice, who pass the time passively, will be able to attain mystic powers.  Those with perseverance for reciting the mantra and turning the wheel will undoubtedly attain the tenth level."  

We are all very blessed to be born as human beings and to have the opportunity to practice the Dharma.  The prayer wheel is one of the simplest and most powerful Tibetan Buddhist spiritual practices.  I encourage all Lamas, Dharma Centers, monasteries, and students to do the prayer wheel practice for the happiness and relief of misery of all beings in all realms.
-His Holiness Jigdal Dagchen Sakya

We initially built three Tibet Tech prayer wheels to be installed at Earth Sanctuary nature reserve and meditation parkland on Whidbey Island near Seattle.  After feeling the power of the prayer wheels, I kept one for my shrine where I spin it in conjunction with my daily spiritual practices.  I can feel my bodily sensations change as I spin it; it feels like a spiritual and pure "high" as I am motivated to generate maximum Bodhicitta.   It gives my practices more meaning and our home has become very peaceful.  At Earth Sanctuary, I always ask people how they feel while at Earth Sanctuary. Almost everyone says, "peaceful," with a big smile on their face!
- Chuck Pettis, Tibet Tech founder and co-executive director of Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism

Here are a few additional comments from people who have personally experienced the power of the Tibet Tech prayer wheels:

I purchased the battery powered prayer wheel and I run it for 5 hours a day when I get home from work until I go to bed.

The Mani Wheel has instilled a deep sense of peace and I no longer worry about my problems. My dog, who is dying from cancer is also more peaceful and relaxed. I find that I have accepted life and my resistance and complaining have been significantly reduced. I am also more conscious and allowing.

I make flower essences and will use the wheel during my preparations.

Thank You so much.


"Tibet Tech Hand-Held Prayer Wheel"-- nice job in armoring the DVD's. Very cool conceptual design. Very clever and very nice.
Best wishes,
Mike Hamel

Thank you for your effort in working on this high tech wheel prayer for blessing to the world and other sentient beings.
Blessing and warm regards,

Hi Chuck,

I had an experience with the Medicine Buddha prayer wheel, where it felt like it was blessing the earth, and in particular it was transforming all the damage we humans have done to the earth. Prayer Wheels really are a profound practice.
Kind wishes,

Dear Chuck (and other friendly folks at Tibet Tech):

I'm writing to add my "testimonial" to the ones you have shared on your web site.  I have only been using my new Tibet Tech prayer wheels - an electric table-top 8-DVD wheel, a hand-held 8-DVD wheel, and a solar powered Medicine Buddha wheel - for a few days, but I have already experienced a profound improvement in my focus, concentration, endurance and satisfaction when I spend time (thrice daily) in prayer at the altar in my home.  Part of the difference is a result of noticing the loving care with which all of the prayer wheels were conceived and crafted.  Their design and appearance speak clearly about the exceptional ingenuity, skill, creativity, honesty and dedication of those who brought them into being.  Congratulations on a job very well done!

However, the majority of the benefit I have noticed is the result of directly experiencing the sheer power - intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical - of being linked with a truly holy mechanism for generating an almost incomprehensible number of prayers in every single, brief, ephemeral moment that it is being used.  My first taste of the power of the 8-DVD prayer wheel struck me in much the same way that I was lifted outside of myself when I saw the Grand Canyon in person for the first time and experienced all of its immense grandeur as a result of nothing but wind, water, sunlight, and the seasons - all acting so slowly as to be almost imperceptible by any one short-lived human being.  Tibet Tech's prayer wheels operate at the other end of the passage-of-time scale, of course, but they produce the same electrifying sensation of being at the tip of an awl, held by an unseen hand of awesome proportion, that is engraving something beautiful on the cold, mute plate of the universe . . . something that existed long before I arrived here and that will endure change after change long after I'm gone.

More than anything else, the Tibet Tech prayer wheels constantly remind me of the significant responsibility I have to insure the effectiveness and purity of my thought, speech and behavior during each and every moment of my life.  Just as the Tibet Tech prayer wheels can amplify my compassionate intentions and actions, they could also amplify the losses that result from careless errors, petulance, laziness, etc., that I allow to pollute my life.

Of course, the Tibet Tech prayer wheels do NOT cause any sort of harm, but they are perhaps the most effective possible means of calling attention to one's missed, lost, and squandered opportunities to be effective and compassionate.  It's one thing to casually note in passing that you've "wasted" three minutes of time spent mentally wandering during a 30-minute prayer session - and quite another thing to realize that those three minutes wasted an opportunity to broadcast over 253 BILLION consecrated prayers!

Thank you for significantly strengthening my attentiveness and overall commitment to the path on which I started to walk in 1963, when a field trip I took as a member of a community service club at my school gave me the chance to spend a day at the Tri-State Buddhist Temple in Denver, Colorado.

Using the Tibet Tech prayer wheels has taken me back, happily and fully, to the state of excitement, peace, dumbstruck awe and urgency that I experienced then.  It's good to know that the wheels are here to help me make the best of the time I have left to make this world a bit more compassionate before I'm gone.

Kevin McClearey

  • I have received my hand held prayer wheel and am already using it. It is light, beautiful, robustly-constructed and turns smoothly and silently. It surprisingly retains the antique feel of my other traditional Tibetan prayer wheel. And it looks good on my altar table too. I have already recommended it to my friend who, like me, is attracted to its looks and pleasantly astounded by the incredible number of mantras contained in it. Thanks.
    Metta, Hong
  • I run twelve Tibet Tech table-top prayer wheels 24 hrs/day, every day! It is important to dedicate the work of the prayer wheels every day, or as often as possible. I am probably going to purchase more, I would like to run 21 Wheels permanently. And maybe eventually run 108 Wheels. It is too hard to describe this experience in words.
    Brock, a dedicated prayer wheel practitioner
  • I've been using the Tibet Tech hand-held prayer wheel about an hour each evening and morning. The prayer wheel beckons to be spun, and I find it very exhilarating, as I envision those beams of light going out purifying and energizing all living things -- I'm becoming addicted to using it, in the best of ways. I love watching the crystals catch and reflect the light.
  • I recently ordered and received one of your hand held prayer wheels. They are wonderfully made, beautiful, and inspiring. They are also easy to spin and a pleasure to use. When I opened the shipping box, I immediately felt the power of the prayer wheel even before first spinning it, and could feel it quickly transform the atmosphere in my home. This surprised me. My wife and I are Nyingma practitioners. We both use your prayer wheel daily and we love it. It has become a very important part of our daily practice. Thanks for all your hard work and research in making these exceptional prayer wheels available. May all sentient beings benefit from the use of your prayer wheels.
  • Feedback from an Amazon customer. 5 out of 5: "Absolutely phenomenal prayer wheel, you (and other people too!) can really feel the effect strongly just from using it a few minutes. Great shipping, courteous service, would definitely recommend!"
    Yune L., January 5, 2012
  • It's curious how any ambient light seems greatly magnified with the Tibet Tech hand-held prayer wheel...try it in a darkened space with a mere a trace of light. Seems like magic to say nothing of the billions of mantras. You'll put a million fireflies to shame.
    Ani Tsultrim
  • I have been practicing Dharma for more than 30 years and have had many prayer wheels. The Tibet Tech is one of my most precious possessions. Thank you for all the work you did creating it.
    Michael Madrone (Ngakpa Jigdal Chopel) Italy
  • I'm delighted with the Tibet Tech hand-held prayer wheel & service rendered. Thanks for this stroke of genius prayer wheel.
    Yours in the Dharma.
    Ven. Ani-la Sangmo
  • I like my prayer wheel very much as it spins very well and is lovely. I googled " Tibetan prayer wheels" and looked at many sites, but I wanted one that was more "up to date technologically", such as having a microchip, but the DVDs stacked work as well. I ended up buying it directly from the Tibet Tech website as it was the authentic site and I knew who I was buying it from. I liked the fact that it was designed and blessed by His Holiness Jigdal Dagchen Sakya. That alone makes it very special to me. Thank you for a wonderful product.
    Bertie Millner
  • The energy is so soft and sublime; thank you from the depth of my heart on behalf of all suffering beings.
  • As Caretaker of Earth Sanctuary, I introduce many people that are doing spiritual retreat to the prayer wheel.  Every single one of them has wanted to spin the wheel as part of their retreat.  When the prayer wheels were first installed at Earth Sanctuary, I brought a Native American Sundancer to see them.  He spun them and said he could see the prayers spiraling out of the wheel.  Now every time he comes to Earth Sanctuary he makes a point to go spin the wheel and actively encourages others to do so also.  He feels the prayer wheel is very good for the earth and for all beings.


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