About Prayer Wheels

Prayer wheels are cylinders filled with many mantras (Tibetan Buddhist prayers) mounted on a spindle, and spun clockwise with intention and prayer.

The primary goal of the traditional Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheel practice is to relieve the miseries of all beings. We are taught that peace, happiness, kindness, and relief from suffering for all beings are radiated through the blessings of the mantras inside the prayer wheel and by the intention and concentration of the spiritual practitioner.

Prayer wheels have traditionally been filled with mantras carefully printed on paper or microfilm and then wound up inside the prayer wheel. The largest prayer wheel in Old Tibet contained 100,000,000 prayers printed on paper with hand-carved wood blocks. Tibet Tech prayer wheels dwarf that, containing 84,348,750,000 prayers in the form of Sanskrit mantras.

Buddhist texts teach that mindfully turning a prayer wheel produces the same merit and benefits as having recited the number of prayers (mantras) inside the prayer wheel multiplied by how many times the prayer wheel spins around. Each revolution of a Tibet Tech prayer wheel releases over 84 billion prayers. Doing the math, if you recited one prayer per second, it would take approximately 267 years to say 84 billion prayers!

Tibet Tech prayer wheels are the first prayer wheels to build on traditional prayer wheel design techniques by incorporating modern computer technology and DVD optical disk prayer storage technology. His Holiness Jigdal Dagchen Sakya, a High Lama who holds a position in rank third only to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, oversaw the design and construction of the prayer wheels, as well as the selection of the mantras used on each of the 8 DVDs. All the DVDs used in Tibet Tech prayer wheels are blessed and consecrated. H.H. Jigdal Dagchen Sakya has said, "As long as the Universe exists, the consecrated mantras will remain potent."

The Wheel of Great Compassion    
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