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13,400,000,000 Amitayus Prayers on One DVD
Amitayus helps us have a long life to benefit others

The Amitayus DVD is provided for people who already have a Tibet Tech 1-DVD solar-powered prayer wheel and would like to be able to use the Amitayus DVD on their existing solar turntable to have a long and beneficial life.


  • One blessed and consecrated DVD with 13,400,000,000 Om Amarana Tsibin Tiye Soha prayers.
  • Helps us have a long life to benefit others.
  • Tibet Tech solar-powered turntable required. (1-DVD version).

Height: 1-1/4"
Width: 4-5/8" diameter
Net Weight: 2 oz.

Note: The DVDs are not designed to be played with a CD/DVD player or computer. The power of the prayer wheel comes from one's spiritual intention and the blessed and consecrated DVD.

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