Tibet Tech Hand-Held Prayer Wheel – Long Handle

  • Model: HH002


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The most powerful prayer wheel in the world - 84,348,750,000 prayers on 8 blessed and consecrated DVDs

This hand-held prayer wheel features a long handle that some people prefer over the standard handle.

Spin the hand-held prayer wheel clockwise to bring love and healing to yourself and others.

The hand-held Tibet Tech prayer wheel includes the following parts:

  • A longer (12-1/4”) hard maple handle with walnut stain with a metal pin on top to hold the stack of 8 DVDs.
  • A stack of 8-DVDs with a crystal finial on top and a brass post on the bottom. Click to Read About the 8-DVD Prayers.
  • A brass arm with a hole at one end and a small circular ring at the other end.
  • A clear crystal weight with a clasp that attaches to the brass arm.

Tibet Tech African Mahogany Hand-held Prayer Wheel Holder not included. Order separately: https://tibettech.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=12&products_id=15

Instruction Manual

Height: 14-3/4"
Width: 4-3/4" diameter
Net Weight: 15 oz.